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this talk, like any talk, is a question

preguntando caminamos

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AD: Since political edifices are purporting to dictate to me, whether I can or cannot have an abortion, what drugs I can or cannot ingest, where on this earth I can and cannot go, and who on this earth I can love (just to name a few things), then it seems obvious to me that the personal is political. This has always seemed obvious to me. Conversely, once you understand yourself to be connected to all other living things, and the earth beneath your feet, you respond to the oppression of people and the destruction of the environment by governments by taking it personally. It is the latter half of this equation that I am developing as I journey into adulthood and therefore into a position of responsibility and/or accountability to human society. It is an equation that always adds up to one, however. The personal and the political are of one realm; to separate them is artificial.
A.D.: Well, I guess for me, I never have any expectation that somebody else will decide that mine is the truth and the way and follow ye unto. I always figure if I just tell my own truth as though it’s OK, as though my experience is legitimate and my self is a respectable person—even with my deviant experiences and, you know, militant politics, or whatever it is I’m cracked up to be—that it will just inspire somebody else to become themselves, whatever that is. I mean, that is what I feel happening when I’m playing—you burn your own fire and it kind of heats up other people. You can see them kind of radiate with inspiration, and then they go and do what they do.
involuntary stoicism